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Will Mothballs Keep Ground Moles Away From My Garden?

Well, even if moles don’t feed with plants or crops, they can make your yard look really messy and destroy flowerbeds with their tunnels. I know that moles can be pretty helpful in getting you rid of insects in the garden, but what will you do with those mounds of dirt and underground tunnels? Their damage is bigger than the help it can provide, so this means you have to send them off your property.

How can you get rid of moles?

Well, there are plenty of remedies in sending these digging pests away, but are all of them effective? When dealing with moles you would want something that will make them disappear like magic, but which is the most effective way?

Mole Traps

This is the most effective way in getting rid of moths, but be careful which mole trap you choose because it can be very dangerous for kids and pets.
You can try scissor or spear trap which can be purchased in many places.

Mothballs For Moles

This is a quite effective remedy you can easily try to send moths away from your property.
Since mothballs contain naphthalene as active ingredient, being sold in solid form will release toxic vapors that will deter a various rage of pests in your garden.

Don’t know why moles hate the smell of mothballs, but they do! So, by placing mothballs in each molehill or tunnel, all moles will start digging their way out of your garden.

But, mothballs release that toxic fume only when they are placed in air-tight container, and sometimes, by placing the moth balls into the mole tunnel won’t be effective if the mole is not in the area.

However, you should keep in mind that this mothball trick is as dangerous as mole traps if you have pets or children. Sometimes, moles can place the mothball above the ground which can easily be mistaken with food, leading to serious health problems.

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