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What Natural Deterrents Can I Use To Keep Raccoons Away From My Property?

Raccoons are widespread throughout America and are one of the most bothersome pests. They can easily be found in suburban areas, in the countryside and nonetheless in the city. Lately, raccoons shifted from a wild animal to an urban animal, like rats and pigeons and you can easily find them downtown near the dumpster. Raccoons enjoy areas where’s water nearby as long as they have what to eat (they are omnivorous and don’t care what they eat).

This furry animal is kind of cute, but when it feels threatened, raccoons can be extremely dangerous, particularly if it’s carrying a disease (rabies). So, if you want to get rid of raccoons from attic, yard or neighborhood handle it with care or call the professional services. I know that some U.S. country allow raccoon killing, but I don’t agree with that. These animals should be treated humanely because there are plenty of methods you can use to send them away.

You can use the following deterrents to control raccoons naturally:

Because raccoons are such clean animals and will not usually go to the bathroom in their dens, it’s a good idea to soak towels with this natural raccoon deterrent and toss them either into the dens or place them at den entrances. Ammonia is found naturally in urine, and the smell of it can trick the raccoons into thinking their den is soiled. This may cause them to desert it.

Predator urine
This raccoon deterrent is readily available at most sporting goods stores and many online retailers. Look for urine from wolves, coyotes, bobcats, or mountain lions, and spray it around areas where coons are hanging out. This is supposed to trick them into thinking predators are nearby and scare them off. Amazon sells Shake-Off Coyote/Fox granules.

The Scarecrow
I’m a big fan of using this product as a means to get rid of raccoons and other pests. It is a motion-activated sprinkler. When a raccoon trips the sensor, the sudden noise and action of the sprinkler startles raccoons and scares them off. They also get good and wet. And that’s just funny.

Methods to repel raccoons from your property

  • Keep trash cans clean and pick up any debris from your yard.
  • Keep full containers inside the garage, and set out for pickup in the morning rather than the night.
  • Apply tight fitting lids on your garbage containers. If raccoons are removing lids to get into the can, you can use a heavy duty bungee cord over the top of the can.
  • Avoid leaving leftover pet foods outside.
  • If you have fruit trees, remove any fruit on the ground.
  • Cover compost piles to prevent raccoons from feeding on food scraps.
  • Eliminate any sources of open water from your yard.
  • Make sure that any picnic tables and chairs (or anything else outside) do not have crumbs on them when you retire for the night.
  • Store the trash cans indoors or in the garage if you are gone for a long.
  • If you have meat or very tempting food in the trash, always double plastic bag it before throwing it away in the cans. You can also add a little bleach or strong cleanser on the bag outside before depositing it in the can.
  • If you locate raccoon nests, you can place bright lights or ammonia scented rags near them, as this will drive them away.
  • Make sure that downspouts direct water away from the house and other areas of the property so water doesn’t collect.
  • If you have a fish pond, you can cover it with wire mesh.
  • If your bird feeders attract raccoons, stop using them.
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