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How Do I Keep Hedgehogs Out Of My Garden?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal spinal mammals that sneak into your garden looking for food. Their favorite dish is snails and slugs, making these spinal creatures the best natural slug repellent. Although, hedgehogs can become pests when they start causing damage in your garden, eating insects, lizards, grounding-nesting birds and, sometimes they can be the carrier of various skin diseases. But this type of damage can be done only in New Zeeland and some islands in Scotland.

As hedgehogs are not a menace to the Native American fauna, I can say that I’m a bit fed up of their presence into my garden. Every single morning I pick up hedgehog shit from my lawn, before letting my cat and dog outside. I don’t know the reason why my cat enjoys rolling over in hedgehog shit which stinks pretty badly.

On the other hand, my yard isn’t attacked by slugs, because my spinal pest takes care of them, but I’m tired in picking up its shit. I would rather repel slugs with beer and sand than letting the hedgehog near my yard again.
However, I managed to catch this huge unwanted hedgehog and send it away from my property with the help of a tunnel design trap.

Catch and Release
Hedgehogs leave signs through where they travel and placing such tunnel on the hedgehog avenue will increase your chances in catching it. So, place the trap in its way to prevent the possibility of the hedgehog to turn around and leave.

Bait the Trap
I baited the trap with some dog and cat food. Others say that eggshells and fresh chicken will work too.

Put Rubber Gloves On
When the hedgehog is caught in the trap, put a thick pair of rubber gloves on, and slowly approach near the trap. Even if hedgehogs don’t have such good eyesight, they can sense any sudden move and can flee.
Grab the hedgehog slowly and place it into a high box so you can relocate it easily. Release the hedgehog into the wildlife far away from your property.

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