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How Do I Get Rid Of Indoor Ant Infestation?

The most important thing when dealing with any type of bug infestation is that you should identify the nest and destroy it. This situation is available when dealing with ant infestation. Killing constantly one ant at a time won’t get you rid of them even if you use the best insecticide in the world. Keep in mind that one single ant queen can spawn out thousands of eggs daily and the best way to overcome this ant infestation is to wipe out the entire colony. Otherwise, you will still have ants in pants!

So, to put an end to most ant problems, especially to those in the house you can hire an ant exterminator. However, you can manage this problem with your own hands using some inexpensive methods.

Playing Detective

Finding the ant nest is not an easy task but it’s absolutely necessary. Usually, ants prefer damp areas so, search carefully on framing or flooring, roof leak or any other area with water damage. It’s trivial to search every inch where the water damage is.
Tip: watch the ants entering your home and see where they’re coming from and going to. As they are seeking for food, it will return to their nest with the breadcrumb. Another important tip is not to spray on the ants because they are worker ants and it’s your ticket to the ant colony where you can find the queen.

Set Out Ant Bait

As I said earlier, don’t kill carrying ants, instead you can use them! Place ant bait around the room so that the worker ants can find it and carry it back to the nest to feed the queen which will eventually kill her. This way future ant population will be stopped.
The best ant bait you can use to kill an entire ant colony is cormeal. Yeah, not cornmeal will kill the colony but boric acid will!

So, mix 3 parts of cornmeal with 1 parts of boric acid and place the mixture in a plastic container such as a small bowl or lid. Place the bait in areas where you’ve seen ant tracks and leave the ant workers to carry the bait to their nests.

Ready – Set – Repel

After placing the ant bait you should wait for the results, but keep in mind that you have to prevent further ant infestation. So, prepare your own ant repellent spray by using one of the two scents ants hate: lavender and peppermint.

In 200 ml of water add 20 drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil. Pour the mixture in a sprayer and shake well the container before each use. Spray this ant repellent to each access point in your house.
Be aware, although, not to kill all worker ants because these are the ones carrying out the bait to the nest.

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