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How Can I Send Termites Away From My House?

Dealing with a termite infestation in your home can be extremely stressful! Although these tiny insects are not dangerous to mankind, they can cause a lot of damage to your house which will make any homeowner pay a steep price.

But what are these termites and where they come from?

Well, termites are pests, for sure, which leave in colonies and come in 5 different types. Their favorite food is cellulose or wooden materials. It seems that every home can be the host for this silent killer. As they’re designed to tear away through cellulose you would probably want to check your books and book shelves.

Here are the 5 types of termites that you can find in your home.

How can I tell if there are termites in my home?

The most obvious sign when dealing with a termite infestation is their escape attempts. You will see the winged termite variety trying to get out of the house, buzzing around the windows and doors.

Other signs of termites:

Cracked or bubble paint – means that termites are feeding from the interior to the surfaces creating small holes under the paint causing bubbles and cracks in it.

Hollow wood – if you tap on the wood and you hear a silent echo you are definitely dealing with termites.

Tip: spring is the termite season. However, if you notice small wings around your house in the summer, darling, you should call for the exterminator.

How to prevent/get rid of termites in your home?

  • Repair the roof
  • Check the wood around your house
  • Get rid of boxes/cardboard
  • Get rid of wood
  • Get rid of moisture
  • Seal up the windows and doors
  • Take a closer look to wooden windows, doors and furniture

Natural Termite Control
Many homeowners don’t like the idea of chemical solutions in getting rid of termites that’s why there are some effective natural ways in eliminating these awful pests.

Wet cardboard trap – just take some old cardboard boxes and wet them down. The next step is to place them where you suspect any termite colony.

Let the sun do its job – sunlight is the main killer of termites so, if you expose a termite colony to the bright sunlight it will exterminate them quickly. Just place the infested furniture, books or any other item in the sunlight for a couple of days and UV lights will do their job.

Nematodes – since forever nematodes are the perfect natural repellent for all pests. Worms are the perfect nematode for termites, so provide them a tasty termite dinner.

Get rid of mulch – by removing mulch around the house you will deter termites naturally. Even if it’s not made of cellulose, mulch can get wet creating the perfect environment for termite development.

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