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How Can I Send Pocket Gophers Away From My Property?

Pocket gophers, commonly referred as gophers, are some burrowing rodents well-known for their tunneling activity and their abilities to destroy farms and gardens. Every gardener knows the struggle with such underground creatures!

As a farm owner, I know exactly how these underground creatures can ruin your crops messing with your nerves. Last year, my entire spring work was destroyed by gophers, moles and groundhogs. Was incredibly frustrating!
But, this year I said enough! I am gonna catch these rodents and send them out of my property.

As I’m still human and understand how life plays us sometimes, I can’t kill the enemy. I will make it go away! How? Well, there are plenty of methods in getting rid of pocket gophers without killing them – from scarring the hell out of the gopher to catching and releasing it in the wildlife.

I forgot to mention for those who still think gophers are cute (my grand-daughter in particularly): they eat plant roots, shrubs, and other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, radishes, anything that’s juicy. Short list: your whole vegetable garden!

Anyhow, enough talking and let’s see how to get rid of these pesky root-chewing pests!

Create a barrier!
You can easily create an in-ground fence around your vegetable garden or around your entire property. This way you’ll keep gophers away and not only. Moles and groundhogs will be in the same category. So, take some galvanized gopher mesh and surround the perimeter you want to protect from gophers.
Another option is to install individual wire mesh baskets around the plant you want to protect. This solution is effective to protect roses, fruit trees, succulents or the vegetable garden.

Repellent plants for gophers
This year I decided to create the perfect romantic garden by growing plants. Which are the most wanted plants for every garden: the repellent plants. So, plant daffodils, lavender, rosemary, catmint, marigolds and you can surround the vegetable garden with garlic and onion. This way you’ll create a border that will keep gophers away.
This method is tested and it works like magic!
However, if you didn’t plant any of the above plants, you can scent the gophers away.
Pine smell: soak a rag in pine disinfectant and stuff it in the gopher hole.
Chili pepper: sprinkle in the hole some cayenne pepper powder as far as you can.
Peppermint oil: soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in the gopher hole.
These are some scents that gophers can’t stand and it will avoid it. However, they can dig another tunnel.

Last method: predator urine
When an animal is scared by another animal it will run faster than Forest Gump! So, check for gopher predator urine online and sprinkle it around the area you want to protect.
The most fearful gopher predators are: hawks, weasels, snakes and owls.
The bad part of this method is that you have to apply it every two days because the scent will disappear, especially after a rainy day.

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