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How Can I Get Rid Of Earwigs Indoors?

Earwigs are like Boogeyman for me since I was a little child! I can’t tell you why, but they still give me the shivers when I see one. I know they are harmless, but the look of this insect says something else. The fear got stronger when I heard a crazy superstition that earwigs can crawl into your ear and bore into the brain.
I know this is not true and that earwigs are not harmful to people or animals.

However, I still can’t stand them around, especially when I see one inside the house. I truly don’t know how they got inside and sending them out again is a must. Yesterday I found 3 earwigs in the ironing laundry pile.
In order to get rid of earwigs indoors you have to disrupt their migration from the outside. However, they rarely establish colonies inside.

How to control earwigs in the garden?

In order to keep earwigs away from getting indoors is to eliminate moisture and dark conditions from your garden. To be honest this is impossible if you want a healthy garden.

Hence, you can surround the foundation of your house with white gravel to help drainage around the sides of your home.

Another trick is checking carefully your windows of cracks or fissures and fixing the problem with water stripping.

Natural Insecticides

Boric acid is a natural insect repellent and earwigs make no excuse. So, spread this insecticide near baseboards, cracks and other hard to reach areas to keep earwigs away.

Earwig Traps

You can set up earwig traps by rolling up a newspaper and wetting it down slightly. Now, place the damp newspaper under the bushes, porch, and other dark and moist areas in your garden.
Leave the newspaper stand overnight because earwigs will crawl inside. The next morning you can burn or throw the newspaper away.

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