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Does Ammonia Send Groundhogs Away From Your Garden?

I might not be an expert in deterring pests, but I can share with you my get-that-pesky-groundhog-outta-here experience.

Groundhogs, also known as Woodchuck is part of the squirrel family, rodents more precisely, which start their active period in early spring until mid October. During their active period they pop out from their underground tunnels in early morning and late afternoon (the exact time when you can catch these bastards).

I can’t say that groundhogs would’ve bothered me if they didn’t ruin my vegetable garden. These pesky pests dig 2-4 feet underground tunnels and feed with plant roots making holes all over your yard. In a few words, your garden work will be ruined in a few days if you don’t send these pests away from the garden.

And now, with a satisfied smile on my face I will tell you how ammonia got me rid of these pesky groundhogs in the garden.

How to make ammonia solution

  • Well, first of all you should always wear thick rubber gloves and goggles when handling ammonia because it may burn your skin and irritate your eyes.
  • Now, mix 1 part ammonia with 3 parts of water and a few quirts of dish detergent in a bucket. Pour the mixture down the holes in your garden. It will create fumes that no groundhog could bear.
  • Repeat this procedure for each visible hole in your garden.

Bonus: if you want this solution to be extremely effective you can add some castor oil and cayenne pepper in it.

It works wonders! I haven’t seen a single groundhog after using this ammonia technique. Of course, there might be some chances like the groundhogs to dig tunnels on my neighbor property, but definitely they are out of mine. This method it will spear some time to build fences around your yard and prevent groundhogs from digging back to your garden.

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