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DIY Indoor Fly Trap To Get Rid Of These Annoying Insects

When summer hits we welcome its warmth with open arms and windows to let those delightful sunrays get into homes. But along with sunrays, flies also get through our open windows.

Yes, these insects are barging into our homes ruining the summer vibe. Just imagine laying down in a chair near the window, reading a good book and feeling the summer breeze on your skin when suddenly a fly start buzzing around your head or sitting on your nose. How annoying can this be?!

But, flies don’t stop here! They land on your food, dishes, kitchen tops, leaving small black dots behind (fly shit) which are extremely hard to remove. In addition, flies lay eggs pretty often and you can grow an entire colony in your house which is why it’s important not to have them around your house.

Flies are easier to prevent than to get rid of so, once the spring-summer hits the neighborhood you should place protector fly and mosquito net mesh to your doors and windows. This way you’ll keep these disturbing insects away from getting inside your house.

However, if they sneak into your house, you can easily place fly traps from place to place to catch these annoying insects.

Vinegar Fly Trap

Vinegar attracts flies so it is a great way of luring them in and away from the rest of the house. To make a vinegar trap all you need is a some apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar, a glass, a plastic bag and a rubber band.

  • First pour a small amount of the vinegar into the glass, put the plastic bag over the glass and secure with the rubber band.
  • Cut a hole in the centre of the bag at the top to create an opening for the flies – make sure that the hole is big enough for the flies to enter but not big enough for the flies to escape. You can do this by pushing the plastic bag down into the glass to form a kind of funnel.
  • Place the trap anywhere where flies enter the house.

Soda Bottle Trap

  • Clean an empty, plastic two-liter soda bottle.
  • Carefully cut the top third of the bottle by cutting near where the top of the label used to be.
  • Pour a sweet liquid, like sugar water, in the larger, bottom third of the bottle.
  • Turn the top third of the bottle upside-down, making a cone shape, and place it in the opening of the larger part of the bottle.
  • Flies will find their way into the bottle but will be unable to get out.
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