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What Is The Best Way To Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down?

I was so glad when I found this super-easy way in cleaning blinds without taking them off! As a bonus, it doesn’t require much money or time! What can I say? Cleaning seems to be fun sometimes.

Of course there are so many ways in cleaning blinds easily, for instance, you can buy a lambswool duster, but why spending money on it and looking for a place where to store it, when you simple can take the vinegar bottle from the kitchen and an old sock.

This vinegar method can be used for all blinds in the house, but it can be especially used for kitchen blinds where there is so much grease build up on them. And vinegar is the best grease melter which is incredible effective and inexpensive. Do you want more? This cleaning method will make dust adhere on the sock instead of releasing it into the air.

Warning! Don’t use wet sock on wooden blinds because you might ruin the material. Damp is fine!
So, try it out and you will certainly be extremely glad about this easy blinds cleaning method!

You need:

  • White vinegar
  • An old cotton sock


  • A bowl


  • Pour a cup of vinegar into a bowl. You can use it undiluted, or you can dilute it one to one with water.
  • Place the old sock or glove on your hand, and dip the tip (or fingers) into the bowl of vinegar. Squeeze out any excess.
  • Run your fingers along both sides of the first slat to remove dust.
  • Repeat on the remaining slats, stopping periodically to rinse the dust off of the sock and to apply more vinegar. It’s fine to run the sock under a water faucet; you won’t significantly dilute the vinegar when you dip it into the bowl of vinegar.
  • If you worry that vinegar may irritate your fingers, you could wear a rubber glove or plastic bag on your hand and then put the sock or glove over it.
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