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How Do I Get Poop Stains Out Of Baby’s Clothes After A Diaper Blowout?

As a mother of 3 kids, I can easily say that I’m an expert for all sort of cleaning tricks, because children are pretty much inventive. Leaving behind the drawn walls and floors, puke stains, food stains on walls, and so on, I want to share my experience in cleaning poops stains from baby clothes after a diaper blowout. Babies frequently do that!

Most of us know already that any poop stains comes out if you wash it immediately under the cold water tap or leave it soaking for a couple of hours in cold water. But, despite all that, life happens and, sometimes, you just don’t have time to wash poop stains after a diaper blowout, because you are with your baby at the market – personal experience. So, you don’t have where to soak the clothes, and so the poop stain will be much harder to get out.

Anyhow, after raising three kids, I surely know the secret in removing poop stains:

Tip: fleece is the easiest fabric to remove poop stains from

Ok, you need:

  • Dawn blue dish soap

How to proceed:

  • Well, pour a nice amount of Dawn dish soap over the stain, and then soak it cold water.
  • Start scrubbing the stain between your hands until it’s gone. Add more dish soap and water if needed, and I’m sure you will need it.
  • At the end, rinse well under the cold water jet, and apply a pre-treater. Furthermore, put it in the washer and run a hot water cycle.

This is quite easy in my opinion.

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