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How To Stop Moths From Eating Your Clothes

Moths invade our house against our will, and we rarely get rid of them as quickly as we want. Moths are divided into two categories, both equally stressful: moths attacking food and the ones attacking textiles, especially wool, fur, sometimes silk, and other types of fabrics.

Get rid of moths easily from your house

Pour in a bowl soapy water, add a few drops of essential lavender or white fir oil, wipe well with this scented water every shelf and the kitchen cabinet on all sides.

Store on shelves, clothes bags, clothes pockets and sleeves in bags with clothes, jackets and other clothes, shoes, folk remedies such ad: chestnut fruits, white fir branches, dry lavender in a cotton bag, or citrus peels.
Moths don’t tolerate all these substances, and if you combine them, she will never come back to your closet to “chew” your favorite sweater or your favorite cocktail dress.

Important! Citrus peels should be changed every month. The effect of other substances lasts for six months, and chestnut fruits – for lifetime.
Good to know! Moths don’t survive in cold environment with temperatures below 0 ° Celsius.

Image Credits: Hunker

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