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How To Remove Sweat Stains Out Of Pillows

Fortunately, there is an effective and inexpensive way to remove sweat traces from the pillows, using products that you already have in your house. Before proceeding in removing sweat stains, be sure to read the cleaning instructions on the cushion label. The washing machine can damage certain pillows made of foam or latex, for example!

Steps for cleaning sweat stains on the pillow

Put the pillow on a flat surface, with the sweat stains upward.
Fill a medium bowl with equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, mixing the solution well with a spatula.

The following natural products can be easily dissolved in water, and they have the same action over sweat stains
– aspirin tablets
– lemon juice
– baking soda
– salt

Soften a clean sponge into the mix and squeeze the sponge to remove the excess liquid. Tampon the sweat stain with the special solution until it covers well all the traces. Let the mix act for 30 minutes.

If the pillow is washable, wash it in the washing machine with only a quarter of the detergent cup. If the cushion can’t be cleaned, rinse the stain with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Apply hydrogen peroxide on a clean cloth and rub gently the sweat stains, and then dry the pillows with another cotton towel by rubbing thoroughly.

If the pillow smells very ugly due to impregnated sweat, add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine. This simple and natural remedy neutralizes unpleasant odors and prevents their recurrence after a new use.

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