Non-Toxic Solution To Remove Hard Water Stains On Stainless Steel Faucets

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Limestone deposits can cause real problems if they are not removed. The most affected items in your house are the sink and shower. If you want to get rid of limestone quickly and effortlessly, you should know that there are non-toxic ways for that.

Proceed as it follows:

Put the stopper on the sink drain and add a liter of hot water and 200 ml of vinegar. Leave the substance to act for 30 minutes. When the water starts to cool, soak a clean cloth in it and apply it on the tap. Leave the wet cloth over the tap for another 30 minutes, and then rub gently with the green side of a dish sponge the entire surface of the sink and the tap.

If the limestone traces don’t disappear completely, repeat the procedure by placing the cloth soaked in the liquid over the limestone area. Finally wash the sink very well.

Vinegar destroys much of the microbes, so you won’t need to disinfect the sink afterwards.

You can use the same procedure for the shower and bathtub.

Image Credits: Youtube

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