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How To Get Rid Of Door And Floor Squeaks

It’s not very pleasant to hear your floor creaking at every step or your door squeaking every time you open it, especially in the middle of the night, when there is peace in the house, these sounds are really upsetting, not only for those who produce them, but for the rest of the family.

But you can quickly get rid of these problems by using these simple tricks. In addition, the probability of having these products in the house is quite high, so don’t wait and solve the problem now.

Get rid of the door squeaking
A common problem many people face is squeaking doors. Squeaking is produced by hinges, which are worn out or not well lubricated from the very beginning. All you have to do is to remove the door from the hinges and apply grease on them, such as olive oil, and then put it back. You should pay attention that the whole area inside the hinges to be covered by grease, not to face with this squeaky problem after a few days.

Get rid of floor creaking
Wooden floors that creak are a problem especially for families with many members. These can be really disturbing to the rest of the family, especially in moments of peace when you’re trying to rest. To get rid of floor creaking, all you have to do is apply talcum powder to the troubled area and make sure that it penetrates very well among the cracks. This will quickly fill the space created between the linoleum boards and that annoying creak will disappear.

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