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How To Clean A Sticky Iron And Prevent Burning Your Clothes

Over time, limestone deposits and burns accumulate on the soleplate, which can leave stains on your favorite clothes. To clean the soleplate you can use two simple and cheap tricks that will make your iron look shine new, without damaging it.

Salt and vinegar

Prepare a solution made of 1 cup of vinegar and one of salt. Put the vinegar and salt in a pot, and put the pot on medium heat. Let the mixture cool down. Soak a clean cloth in the solution obtained and wipe the soleplate with it. Repeat as often as necessary until limestone and burns disappear. Then clean the iron with a clean cloth.

Coarse salt

To clean the limestone deposits on the soleplate, you can choose coarse salt. You need a clean cotton cloth and salt. Put the cloth on the ironing board and put over it coarse salt. Heat the iron at maximum temperature and start ironing the salt on the cloth, and the wipe the soleplate on a salt-free portion of the cloth. Your iron will look like new.

Tip: We all know that it’s better to prevent than to treat. Therefore, it is good that from time to time, to clean the soleplate with one of the above solutions, before staining your clothes. Many of these stains can’t be removed, and your favorite blouse can be easily ruined.

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