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How To Clean Leather Upholstery Without Damaging It

Any leather upholstery looks amazing in your home, but the big disadvantage of this material is that it attracts dust like a magnet. And leather isn’t a fabric that can stand any dusting cleaner, especially chemicals.

Get rid of dust
As a result, weekly, when you are supposed to clean the entire house, just soak a cloth in distilled water and wipe with it the entire surface of any leather piece of furniture to remove dust and sweat traces. Insist on the joining area of the material.

Get rid of stains
Stains are the ones that will give you the biggest headaches. But, you should pay great attention. Some dusting solutions are very aggressive with leather, and will dry the fabric, and cracks will appear that will destroy your leather furniture badly. In addition, detergents you find in stores are also extremely expensive. So it’s best to get your home ready for a safe solution.

How to proceed?
Put in a bowl 100 milliliters of vinegar, 100 milliliters of olive oil and 10 drops of essential orange oil. Then soak paper towels in this solution, and clean with it the whole piece of furniture. Vinegar quickly cleans dirt, while olive oil acts as a conditioner for this material.
For this homemade solution to be effective, it should be apply as soon as the stain appears.
If your leather sofa has pen or marker traces, you should immediately clean the stains with rubbing alcohol or with makeup cleanser.

Chewing gum glued on leather upholstery
Yes, my kids succeeded to stick chewing gum on the sofa…still wondering how? I got rid of it with some ice cubes which I place it on the chewing gum. If you are in my shoes, try these remedies because they work successfully.

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