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Thrifty tricks to clean your suede shoes

Every women has in her wardrobe at least a pair of suede shoes, a bag or a jacket of this particular material, so we thought to offer some tips to clean them without chemicals.

You need:
-quality eraser
-special suede brush (it has very strong threads)
-damp cloth
-white vinegar

First, use the eraser to rub the stains gently not to damage the material then start brushing with the special suede brush (you can buy it from shoes or leather jackets stores). Pour vinegar on the dampened cloth and start rubbing the stains gently then let it dry. The pungent smell of vinegar might persist a few days.

If you’ve got an oil stain on this material, use talcum powder to absorb it. Sprinkle powder over the stain and let it work overnight then scrub with the special brush.

Another cleaning technique is to keep the suede item, stained with oil, over a pot with boiling in water. The steam will soften and hydrate the material then you can clean it with the special brush.

To remove scratches on your suede shoes, gently rub stale bread on the affected area. They’ll be good as new in no time.
Photo source: http://warfieldfamily.com/

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