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How to restore vintage yellowed lace with baking soda

If you kept vintage lace, you know that it turns yellow in time from repeated washings. See how to recondition vintage yellowed lace and how do old clothes look like new.

How do you wash vintage lace?
Old fabrics are very delicate and can break or fall apart easily.
Never wash in a washer, fabrics with lace details. Choose to hand wash any old clothing piece because it’s very sensitive to detergents and to successive spins.
Hot water can make certain materials to shrink, so clean all vintage lace clothes with cold water.

Old yellow stains?
Effective both for odors and old yellow stains, mix baking soda with warm water and you have your own homemade detergent which is delicate with fabrics and very effective. After washing your vintage lace dress, gloves or shirt with baking soda it will look like a new one.

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