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How to remove grease stains from painted walls

Grease always finds a way to stick on any kind of surface. If your walls have washable paint you know what we are talking about. Grease will sticks on walls near to the stove and it’s very hard to clean it. See how you can wash those annoying grease stains.

Remove old grease with vinegar
If you have any old grease stains on your washable paint walls, white vinegar is your best friend. Although it’s called washable paint, this paint doesn’t allow very aggressive washing detergents because you risk ruining color intensity and you’ll remain with different shadows on your walls.
Prepare yourself a mixture of 50% of white vinegar and 50% of warm water and rub carefully then dab with a dry cloth immediately otherwise it will remain unsightly stains.

Baking soda does wonders
If grease spots aren’t very old, a paste of baking soda and water works very efficient. Apply the paste in thick layers on the oily spots and leave it to dry. Remove easily the crust of baking soda and the grease will disappear.

Starch for wallpaper
If your kitchen walls have washable wallpaper, you can apply a paste of cornstarch and water. Leave the starch to dry and the grease will be removed easily.

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