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How to remove cat urine from carpets

If you have a cat, you probably know how bad the urine smell is, especially if it impregnate in your carpet. Cat’s urine penetrates the fabric quickly and leaves the most poignant odor, compared to other animal urine.
Removing cat urine from carpet is very difficult because it impregnates easily and leaves smelly stains.

If a little “accident” happens, try to remove quickly the urine before it soaks into the carpet. Use a soft, clean cloth or some paper towels, put them over the stain and let them absorb the urine. Press over the stain for 30 seconds, don’t rub. If you manage to remove urine before it dries, it will be easier to clean the stain thereafter. Pour clean cold water over the stain, again and absorb again with paper towels.

1. Baking soda is effective in eliminating odors and surface stains (not those impregnated). Moisten the stain and sprinkle baking soda. Rub well until it absorbs the stain and let it dry then vacuum.
2. Another option is white vinegar. Mix 85 g of warm water with 170 g of white vinegar and pour this liquid over the stain. Put over a dry towel and a heavy object (book) and leave them there for several hours.
3. The odor and stain can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. A solution with a concentration of 3% of hydrogen peroxide is allowed to take effect in about 5 minutes. Then it’s enough to clean the area with a clean cloth, pressing firmly for 30 seconds.

If these tricks fail getting rid of the odor and stain, use an enzyme solution.

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