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How to fix scratches on wooden furniture

Either we are talking of a lacquered table, a drawer chest, a dresser or hardwood flooring, the wood always scratches. To stop wood damaging we found out from other housewives how to fix scratched furniture.

If the scratches are superficial
If furniture or flooring is just slightly scratched and the lines aren’t so deep in the wood fiber, a solution made of olive oil and lemon juice, mixed very well will do wonders.

If the scratch is deep into the wood
If the timber has been damaged in depth, you need something to fill the hole then to uniformize the color.
The best natural remedy is to rub the scratch with an almond core, walnut or a waxy pencil or eyeliner.

If the wood color is much darker, you may fill the scratch with black tea bags, grinded coffee or coffee grounds.
Even shoe cream can be a solution to an ugly scratch on that lacquered wooden table inherited from Grandma.

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