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How to disinfect dishes using natural solutions

To prevent the appearance of any disease from raw meat chopped on the chopper or kept for defrosting into a bowl, you should disinfect your vessels.

Kitchen utensils and surfaces that come into contact with raw foods (unwashed vegetables, raw meat, blood, fruit and leaves) should be disinfected regularly, unless you want to get yourself infected with salmonella, MRSA, or other dangerous bacteria. On the other hand, any housewife knows that it’s risky to use cleaning products full of chemicals especially if you have small and sensitive children.
You can prepare a disinfecting solution of natural tea tree oil, which has antifungal properties and kills all germs without the need of alcohol or chlorine.

Pour a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and mix with 2 tablespoons of vinegar then fill the bottle with water.
If you want to clean and disinfect at the same time, mix a little dishwashing detergent solution with baking soda and sprinkle onto surfaces you want to clean and disinfect.

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