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How to descale a kettle the easy way

The coffee pot and coffee maker has limescale residues? Try this easy household trick to remove limescale in a blink of an eye.

Coffeepot and electric coffee maker
These household items are often attacked by limescale because they boil the water at high temperature. Limescale is actually calcium carbonate, a substance precipitated from water at temperatures higher than 140 ° F.
Put on the bottom of the pot a shell or a half-shell well cleaned. Limescale will deposit on the porous parts of the shell and not on the walls. Change the shell when it’s full of limescale.

But if limescale has begun already to cover the walls of the coffee maker pour white vinegar until you fill half of the container and turn on the coffee maker. After the vinegar boils, drain it and repeat the operation with water.

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