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How to Clean Your Sofa and Other Tapestries

The sofa is the most used object in the living room that’s why you need to clean it often. There are some simple tricks that will save you time to smudge and dust the sofa and other upholstery. Cleaning the sofa and chairs depends on the type of fabric it’s used.

You can start by vacuuming the sofa and chairs insisting on the most used areas. Use duct tape or a ball made of duct tape to collect all the hair and dirt less accessible places.

Fill a spray bottle with alcohol or ether. The polyester or microfiber materials don’t stain from the alcohol because it evaporates quickly and the alcohol smell will disappear after the surface it’s completely dry. Spray on small areas and scrub with a sponge then use a soft brush to remove the dust from the entire sofa.

Velvet is thoroughly cleaned with a brush dipped in water with vinegar and the stains can be removed with a concentrated solution of water with oxygen whitening product that doesn’t fade. Wipe thoroughly with a clean cloth and vacuum after.
You’ll freshen up colors with a solution of water and vinegar (in equal parts). Spray the solution on the clean couch, leave it on for about five minutes then wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth and vacuum again.

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