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How to clean your smelly vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is helps you to clean the whole house, but we must not forget that this appliance needs to be cleaned and disinfected. In addition, a cleaned vacuum cleaner means fresher air and less dust in the house.

Pour all dust bin contents or the bag or change the paper bag with a new one.
Clean the vacuums cleaner filter and rinse with water its pieces that gather dust. Cleaning the filter makes the air cleaner and odor free.

Break a wire hanger and with it try to broach the hose and other inaccessible areas of the vacuum cleaner where hair and treads gather.

Wrap wafer paper or damp a cloth on a brooms tail of brooms and sticks duct tape at the basis not to come of the damp cloth. With this device clean all vacuum cleaner hose but be careful not to perforate it. Then soak a cloth into white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and repeat the process to disinfect the hose. Don’t use the vacuum cleaner until the vinegar smell has not disappeared completely, which means that all components were dry.

Clean well all the vacuum cleaner brushes with a solution of white vinegar and warm water.
Pay attention as vinegar or rubbing alcohol not to get onto the rubber vacuum cleaner parts because in time, rubber won’t withstand the corrosive effect of the acid.

Wipe with a damp cloth all external parts and make sure the vacuum cleaner is not plugged in when you’re cleaning it.

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