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Clean and Polish the Wooden Surfaces with Natural Products

Wood is a classic, elegant element, which is found in every room of our homes: the kitchen, living room and even the floor is made of wood. It’s the ideal material for a comfortable environment.

However, keeping the wood’s natural beauty can be expensive. The wood often cracks, darkens and scratches … What can we do? Of course, you pay a lot of money on various chemicals for wood care, but you can also use economic and efficient tweaks that offer the same results.

Learn how to clean and polish the wooden surfaces in your home in a simple and convenient way.

1. Polish the wood with almond oil

I’m sure you heard about the use of almond oil as a beauty treatment. It prevents wrinkles, soften dry skin and even treat split ends.
But did you know that almond oil is very helpful and caring certain materials, such as wood? Here are a few benefits of almond oil for furniture and wooden floors:

Covers cracks on the wooden surface, finishing it
It gives shine
Protects furniture up to 5 days

How to prepare a solution for polishing wood with almond oil

-2 teaspoons of water
-2 teaspoons of almond oil
-a dry cotton cloth

Never use hot water. If you pour essential oils over boiling water, they will lose their beneficial properties. Pour the water and almond oil in a bowl then moisten the cloth with this solution and cleans the wood furniture. It’s very simple, apply the solution on cloth then polish the wooden surfaces and leave them to dry.

2. Clean the difficult surfaces with vinegar

Every house has a few surfaces harder to clean: floors, wooden railing or wooden curios. Over time they accumulate dirt and their surfaces blackened.

-1 cup of water
-¼ cup of white vinegar
-a cotton cloth

Find a suitable bowl or a bucket. Mix these two ingredients and soak the cloth in the solution and clean the dirty and dull surfaces. You’ll see amazing results.

3. Prepare a wooden floor cleaning mixture

-1 cup of warm water
-¼ cup of white vinegar
-10 drops of tea tree essential oil

The tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, ideal for repairing damaged surfaces and it also cleans and polishes the dirty and dark ones. To clean the floor you have to heat the water. It must be warm not hot then add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil.

To clean the wooden floor, there are two methods. The first is a little more difficult because you have to moisten the cloth and to rub the floor with your hands. But the second is much easier; all you have to do is to spray this solution on the floor and to clean with a mop. In a few minutes you’ll notice that the cleaned surface begins to shine.
The floor will remain clean and bright for a long time and will spread a nice smell!

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