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How to clean cat pee from hardwood floor

If you have a cat, you probably know how bad the smell of urine is. Cat urine penetrates the fabric quickly and leaves most poignant odor. But when it comes to wood, cat’s urine can damage hardwood floors and over wood can rot. If you act quickly, it will be easier to clean any stain.

Remove excrement traces and use a clean cloth or absorbent wipes to remove urine. Stained area should be washed several times with white vinegar then rinse the stain with plenty warm water. Use paper towels to dry the floor. Apply a special solution to remove the urine smell or a detergent with enzymes. Before using these products, read the instructions carefully and make sure you’ll not ruin the floor.

When such accidents happen, you need to act quickly. If the odor persists, the cat will feel it and will urinate again in the same place. It’s better to keep cat’s litter clean and away from the house traffic, otherwise it will urinate again in the house.

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