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6 awesome uses for shaving cream in your home

Shaving foam can be used in all sorts of practical tricks. See what you can do with shaving cream.

Clean the bathroom mirror
It’s very annoying when your bathroom mirror mists every time you’re having a shower? Clean your mirror with shaving foam and it will never mists again when you’re taking a bath.

Disinfectant gel
If you’re travelling by the train or camping and you want to save water, clean your hands with shaving cream. Rub your hands thoroughly with shaving foam then wipe with a dry towel. It’s like using a disinfectant gel and it’s not sticky.

Creaking doors
You have an annoying creaking door? Smear those noisy places with shaving foam and your door won’t creak anymore.

No more stains on the carpet or clothes
Wet a sponge then apply shaving foam on the stain and rub well. Leave to dry naturally and the stain will disappear.

Clean jewelry
Rub your dirty or blackened jewelry with a toothbrush and shaving foam.

Polish chrome bath and kitchen items with shaving foam and a damp cloth. They will shine and will stay clean longer.

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