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How to get permanent marker out of your clothes

You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite piece of clothing if you dirt it with permanent marker. First of all try to remove the stain and here are a few tricks to get rid of that ugly doodle. Of course, the more quickly you act there are better chances to remove it.

Hair spray
Exactly, you read right! Believe it or not with the help of a hair spray you can get rid of stains out of your clothes. How? So simple!

Soak the piece of clothing in water then dab with a paper towel that you gave previously with hairspray. You’ll notice that as much you’re dabbing the stain will remain on the paper towel. Repeat this procedure until you manage to remove the whole stain then wash it as usual.

Rubbing alcohol
The rubbing alcohol that you keep in your bathroom cabinet can help you solve this problem.
Put the stain down over a paper towel and with a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol dab slowly the stain area. The result? The stain should transfer on the paper towel. Then wash it as usual.
Also the same procedure is available for Isopropylic Alcohol.

Using milk is also very effective in getting rid of all kind of textile stains. Even the most stubborn stains like those of permanent marker.

It’s very easy! So, fill a bowl with milk and soak the stained area in milk. It will penetrate the fabric and it will start to dilute the stain slowly, but surely.

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